Saturday, December 1, 2007


Assalamualaikum peeps! pernah?? hahaha... welll yesterday's fishing outing report was not exciting... so malas eh kan report sal yesterday... sorry guys! Gbirinz, tok kerisi, sea boss,gfadz & me was the only hunters turn out. well there was several action that day but non had any luck catching the mangrove jack, not even a ketambak or pisang2... hehehe...

As for today, gfadz and me was "OFF DUTY" hunting... i had some other things to do... i was at the mall around 10 to 11 this morning when i receive an sms text "MAR, KU BELURIH UNGAH NI DSERASA. NADA ORG KN MENGAMBAR" SENDER"gazwan a.k.a gkirikan".. what another ungah!!!!! argghhh... and suruh nya lagi mengambar tu!!!.... kurang asam belacan banar anak ani!! hehehe... minta kana kait kan mata kail kali... hehehe.... well he did managed to get his photo taken anyways... it was indeed a 1kg mangrove jack... congratz bro!! and the next time when u r going fishing alone, bring a camera stand will ya!!! hehehe...


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