Saturday, December 22, 2007


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GOODNEWS PEEPS!! is going to organized pes2008 & Guitarhero3 Competitions... bah apa tah lagi, start your finger training... work those muscles !!! hehehe...

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Assalamualaikum peeps! its been a while since an update... but then, our team had no luck going on to Serasa Beach... The closes they caught was a "KELISI"... Gkirikanz, pg pila-pila,tok kerisi & gbirinz were the only hunters within this 3 days... and none of them caught the Kembura Sucking Monster... maybe someone had a bad luck curse on him.... hehehehe ... i wonder who ah... *hint2.. siapa yang alum perrrrnaaaahhhh naik kan ungah, ia tah tu....* hehehehe... maybe he would have luck catching mangrove jack arah c aizo`s punya aquarium... hehehe... kalau atu jua inda kana makan... u should do something about it... hehehehe... anywayz peeps, will update you the latest news if any of us caught any victims....

Friday, December 7, 2007


Here's My updates on my fishing trip with my bro-in-law at Taman Anduki, Seria... As this was our first time to hunt at Anduki, we were amaze by its scenery.. We did met up with one of the anglers who happens to fish on that day, he told us that this place was a potential hunting ground for Barramudi, Mangrove jack,Grouper and Ketambak.. along with some others... wow!! POTENTIAL BARRAMUDI HUNTING PLACE!!! I can't wait to catch one eh!! Unfortunately, our fishing trip was a short one as we had to went back as it was getting late... Hopefully, we can organize another trip to Anduki and caught my long awaited Barramudi!!... hehehe....

Thursday, December 6, 2007


TUEDAY... 4TH DECEMBER 2007, 3 of our hunters went hunting again at "the UNGAH GARDEN"... Tok kerisi, gfadz & gkirikanz with collaboration from Pg Pila-pila of Team Pila-pila were HUNTING. Tok Kerisi was the talk of day as he managed to catch his first Mangrove jack... (the Mj on the left) and bought his Mangrove Jack a partner from Hj Metali (The MJ on the right)... or maybe it was the other way round... hehehe.... From a reliable sources, alum pulang ia menaik kan ni, sibuk besms ku dengar... hehehe... kana naik kan oleh gkirkanz pulang tu... hmmmmm.... tapi inda apa lah... well done Tok Kerisi... peerrnnnahhhh?? bohh duiii gbirinz... hehehe... Gkirikanz too had his prize.. he caught his 3rd Mangrove Jack of this year... Well done bro... at this stage we're levelled... hehehe... As for me, i went to anduki park @ seria to try out the new hunting zone... more info on the next post.... congratz to u guys!!


Assalamulaikum peeps!! sorry for the late update, anyways one of our frenz Pg Sallehin aka Pg Pila-pila of Team Pila-pila of ATC bags his 1st Mangrove Jack of Year... according to him, this was his 5th attempts to catch this kembura sucking monster... hehehe... Congratz and well done to you pg. pila-pila.... hehehe...
p/s: pikir saja orang balum belurih menaikkan ungah ah..... hehehehe.... PpppEEeeRRRnnnaahhh????

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Another month gone and another hunter was nominated HUNTER OF THE MONTH for November. I think this time votes were against us... hehehe... more votes for kapten bumblefish!!a landslide votes!! more than 50% votes!! bias eh !!! where was our supporters?? hehehe... apa buleh buat... votes favours kapten bumblefish... congratz and well done KAPTEN BUMBLEFISH *ikhlas nie... hehehehe*....

p/s: perrrnaahhh???


Assalamualaikum peeps! pernah?? hahaha... welll yesterday's fishing outing report was not exciting... so malas eh kan report sal yesterday... sorry guys! Gbirinz, tok kerisi, sea boss,gfadz & me was the only hunters turn out. well there was several action that day but non had any luck catching the mangrove jack, not even a ketambak or pisang2... hehehe...

As for today, gfadz and me was "OFF DUTY" hunting... i had some other things to do... i was at the mall around 10 to 11 this morning when i receive an sms text "MAR, KU BELURIH UNGAH NI DSERASA. NADA ORG KN MENGAMBAR" SENDER"gazwan a.k.a gkirikan".. what another ungah!!!!! argghhh... and suruh nya lagi mengambar tu!!!.... kurang asam belacan banar anak ani!! hehehe... minta kana kait kan mata kail kali... hehehe.... well he did managed to get his photo taken anyways... it was indeed a 1kg mangrove jack... congratz bro!! and the next time when u r going fishing alone, bring a camera stand will ya!!! hehehe...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Assalamulaikum peeps & blogerz! here's a quick update on our fishing outing at serasa this morning... Me and gkirinz was the only turn out dat day as gfadz & sallehin were unable to make it... this morning the tide was low. I guess last nite the tide was high as rubbish can be seen everywhere... some areas were flooded...But as usual, our determination was VERY HYPER... hehehe... indeed it was, as gkirikanz managed to caught a "sembilang" and "a 2kg grouper/kerapu"... good job g !! teputung tia ranking ku nah... hmmmphhh!!! ni yang inda sedap hati ni... tapi inda apa lah... pERrrNNNahhh???!! hehehe...

We'll resume our fishing outing tomorrow, same place, same time... until then.... this is it for now.... hehehe c ya peeps! maju fishing untuk Brunei!! hahaha...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Met Department Issues Rough Seas Warning By Azlan Othman

Bandar Seri Begawan - The Brunei Meteorological Services warned of strong winds and rough seas in Brunei today (Tuesday), brought on by tropical storm Hagibis, which hit Vietnam, and Typhoon Mitag that slammed into northern Philippines.

The weather forecaster told the Bulletin yesterday that they have issued a warning to small vessel operators about the dangerous conditions at sea. Winds of 10-30 km/h on land and 30-40 km/h at sea were recorded Monday and expected today. Moderate to rough seas and up to three-metre high waves are also expected.
The weather forecast for today states that it will be fair and windy most of the day. However, thunderstorms or squally showers are still expected, mostly in the sea but may also be experienced inland from time to time.
"But the occasional showers mostly at sea during the night will be brief.

"We will monitor the situation after tomorrow (Tuesday) based on the strength of the cyclone and the progress of the tropical storm," the forecaster said.

Meanwhile, the Marine Department announced that Brunei will experience unusual high tide for seven days. The high tide could at times be more than two metres high, RTB reported. The tide level that could be as high as 2.7 metres began last Saturday and will last until the 30th of this month. It will be experienced between 9pm and 3am.

Due to the phenomena, outboard boat operators and ship navigators are advised to proceed with extra caution especially when it rains and when approaching housing areas along the Brunei River. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


ASSALAMULAIKUM peeps!... it's been a while since we caught "ongah". Yesterday we went out to the ongah garden despite warnings from the Brunei Meteorological Services warned of strong winds and rough seas in Brunei until 30th Novemnber,brought on by tropical storm Hagibis.

We went out early in the morning at 7. Currently, the "Kembura" baits are hard and if there is being sold, the price hikes to $4 per kilo. The entry to the ongah garden was flooded but with determination we went to look for other alternative routes. luckily for us, there was an alternative routes leading to the "ongah garden".

With only 1kg of kembura baits, we had to be extra careful not to waste any of our baits... I guess it was gfadz lucky day coz his bait was taken a hit... a 2.0kg mangrove jack! *darn* he still tops the ranks. hehehe...

For me, my baits hadn't had any bites.. instead it was Hj Metali's line had a bite, but he wasn't around at that time... again it was a 1.9kg Mangrove jack!! *double darn*.. why them and not mine?? hehehe.. nada apalah ambil pahala saja... hehehe.. we finished off the trip early as we are running out of baits.... so to gfads, congratz and u will not be so lucky next time... hehehe....

p/s: PerrrNahhhh??? .... terima kasih lai..... hehehe.. siapa tu nah?


Saturday, November 24, 2007



Thanx rano for linking our blog to yours!! go !! BLOG OF THE YEAR !! hehehe....

Friday, November 23, 2007


Our hardworking blog editors working very hard to make this website and this club a success... kudos for them!! go gfadz! go gazwan! go aimi??? owh yeah... insyallah our 3rd AEROTELS fishing tournument will be held next month... insyallah...


Hey peeps! glad to be back from holiday... 4 days of intesive fishing and no big fish catch... darn!! worthless holiday! hehehe.... We (gbirin,tok kerisi, Sea Boss, Kapten bumblefish & me) went out this morning to the ONGAH GARDEN and we only caught a grouper....

better luck next time though.... next fishing outing on this sunday @ ongah garden serasa... good luck guys!!! To team mumujuri & pila-pila, PERRRNAH!! NAIK KAN ONGAH!! OHHH ASYIK DONG.. NGAK USAH REPOT REPOT... SAMA ASYIKNYA NGAN KIRIMI WANG LEWAT WESTERN UNION... *hehehe...apakan... *

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SERASA OUTING PART.. the hunts continues

Assalamulaikum peps! our hunt continues today at @ serasa, UNGAH GARDEN... this is the 1st part as the 2nd part of the outing willl be done by g azwan tonight.... good luck bro, mudahan belurih karang malam...
bah vote for me & gfadz for hunter of the month ah.... hehehe

My catch Ungah 1.4kg and gfadz's catch, a new species caught by us, ikan pahat pahat 500g. Well done team AEROTELS...


Gazwan aka G KIRIKAN's set out on fishing trip that nite but went home empty handed though... tough luck... sorry about the quality of the photo...

Monday, November 12, 2007


we're in simpur blogging nation.. maybe ada chance kan manang simpur blog of the year... hehehe.... not...



>High visibility 1 1/4" diagonal display with 48V x 32H resolution.
>Water surface temperature and depth readout.
>150 ft. remote operating range, 120 ft. depth capability.
>Pulse backlit display and Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor™. (RSS)
>Display powered by replaceable 1 Lithium 2450CR watch battery. (included)
>Includes dual channel waterproof Advanced RSS.
>Ultra-wide sonar coverage equal to twice the water depth.
>One-Touch™ menu navigation easily controls FishID+™, depth range, fish alarm, and sensitivity.
>Advanced RSS typically lasts for 500 hours of in-the-water usage.
>Advanced RSS replacements available on this web site, at your local tackle dealer and major outdoor retailers.
>Wet Switch™ technology maximizes battery life by automatically shutting down when the >Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor is out of water.
>Waterproof design.


>black and white display if only it was a colour display it would be more colourful.. hehehe

>display nya is small not suitable for offshore fishing.

>sensor nya detects all kinds of fish but not the size of the fish.. big or small, it still displays the same fish icon.

>sensor only detect fish at certain area(see illustration below)

>Bulky design but light weight but not slim design...

>No clock alarm and not many clock functions.

>ada delay 5secs. not good if ikan atu active and not stationary.

MY RATING : 5/10

Sunday, November 11, 2007




Assalamualaikum peps! here's our updates on our fishing trip at subok on Friday 09/11/2007.It has been a while since we went fishing there... it's a potential outing for barramudi and languran..and we were hoping to catch one... hehehe... Me,gfadz,gwan and tok kerisi were the HUNTERS on that day... Our first catch was a grouper caught by gfadz and i too caught a grouper... oh yes i too caught a ketambak and a crab but i dun wanna mention the size as it was REALLY REALLY HUGE......catch and release kali ah... Well i guess the trip was rather disappointing as we only caught 3 groupers,1 ketambak and 1 crab. We did continued our fishing outing at serasa that afternoon, me and gfadz, but then we did not caught anything there... looking forward too our next fishing outing... ah yes, we did try out the HUMMINGBIRD SMARTCAST RF35E FISHFINDER that day, well i'll review it on my next post lah.. so peps, dun miss it out! hehehe.. adios amigos!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Kerapu hasil tangkapan Zackwan AKA Kapten Bumblefish... hehehe... tingkat kan lagi usaha.. masa ani ranking ke 4 dah... less work more fishing bro!! bah fishbuster crew, bila lagi tani buat collaboration lagi di Serasa ah? hahaha...



The Mangrove Jack was caught by Hj Azwan AKA Hj Kirikan on MONDAY 5/11/07... Congratz bro!! U are choosen as 1 of the candidates for "AEROTELS NEXT TOP MODEL 2007" cycle 1... hehehe.... jgn marah ye..... Oh yess... Mangrove jack nya weighs around 1.2kg...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Hey peps! Assalamualaikum…Yesterday we went hunting again and went to the famous UNGAH GARDEN in Serasa.. As before today, we heard that there was a Mangrove Jack party as 7 mangrove jacks were caught. I had a *hunch* that yesterday might be our lucky day… hehehe…

As usual we went to look for kembura baits. At that time the kembura were sold $3/kilo.. the last time I went there, the kembura were sold at $2/kilo.. well what the heck, fishing punya pasal, hantam saja lah…

We set up our gears, me and my faithful companion GFADZ aka MR WHITERABBIT and with the help of my brother in law.. Again we were lucky as no sights of “THE MAGROVE JACK’S PREDATOR” aka Hj Metali was hunting.. hehehe… maybe ia “off” yesterday.. We set up our rods and kirikans at the usual spot.. according to the tide tables today air nya surut.. We waited for half an hour and *bang* , our first catch was caught by me.. well technically it was my kirikan but it was gfadz and my brother in law who reeled it in… To my surprise, my long awaited catch, THE MANGROVE JACK was caught!! Wow my bad luck curse had broke.. hehehe… it was my first MJ this year..alhamdullilah.. it weighs around 1.6kg.. Thanx guys for the help! Hehehe…

Gfadz steps into gear as he believe there’s more MJs out there… well his prayers were answered… hehehe… he too caught his MJ with his kirikan… if I’m not mistaken I think it weighs around 1.2kg… we were leveled at this stage.. hehehe..

My brother in law too have a bite using his rod and his casting technique but his line broke at the very last minute.. pity though for him as his rapala was taken by the fish.. better luck next time bro.. karang balik beli kirikan arah huaho.. hehehe…

Again it was gfadz who had the third catch and this time it was bigger than the first one… a 2.2kg MJ .. *DaRN* lucky him! Hehehe.. the forth catch was also by gfadz… I think its about 1.5kg kah… *double darn*.. again with his kirikan… I think I better auction his kirikan in EBAY… hahaha..

We decided to pack it up around 12 when again MJ struck in the very last minute… and again its gfadz *arghh* bah jadi kan di jual kirikan atu ke EBAY? Hahaha.. This time the MJ weighs around 1.6kg kah.

As I thought it was the last MJ we caught, my kirikan was pulled into action.. and this time I did get my chance to pulled the MJ myself… hehehe… my 2nd MJ weighs around 1.4kg.. an injury time catch.. Well I guess I’m the first and the last to caught the MJs… *alhamdullilah.. rezeki…* what a SUPERB Experience we had yesterday… not to mention the fun and thrill… oh yes.. I forget to mention, GFADZ and my brother in law got minor injuries during the action…

I did get in touch with saidi(the person who subbed us), he told me from morning till afternoon, 16 MJs were caught… wow I guess it’s a record or maybe there’s another record, but then it is a SUBERB experience… hehehe ... until next tym peps!! maju memancing untuk negara!! hahaha

p/s: measurements might not be accurate lah... and oh yess... jgn jeles team kerisi... hehehe walaupun ada yang nada setuju kami masuk ranking... (Siapa tu ah...) sal kami pakai kirikan, tapi boleh eh kami masuk ranking, sal kami bukan main EDIT... hehehe *ehem ehem* we follow the rules jua... hahahaha...

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