Monday, June 1, 2009


Assalamualaikum peeps! its been a long long time since i've updated this blog... hehe.. mana kian jua, lack of commitment in fishing.. and concentrating more on SHUTTERAZZI.COM. Well, here's a sets of photos from our last fishing trip. I hope this is not the last but the comeback for the long lost AEROTELS FISHING CLUB... (atu pun kalau aku masih kana bawa memancing... hehehe)
Thnx to gbirin for the photos.

Off to the droppoint.. "beam us up scotty"..
Tok Kurisi with his MEMORIABLE catch,the Mangrove Jack... ada ceta ni di sbalik ikan kedia dpt ani... our catch, kerapusss, gelamasss , bebarahan, ungah, sembilang, ketambak

exhausted on the way back but its a worthit trip..

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