Thursday, November 29, 2007


Assalamulaikum peeps & blogerz! here's a quick update on our fishing outing at serasa this morning... Me and gkirinz was the only turn out dat day as gfadz & sallehin were unable to make it... this morning the tide was low. I guess last nite the tide was high as rubbish can be seen everywhere... some areas were flooded...But as usual, our determination was VERY HYPER... hehehe... indeed it was, as gkirikanz managed to caught a "sembilang" and "a 2kg grouper/kerapu"... good job g !! teputung tia ranking ku nah... hmmmphhh!!! ni yang inda sedap hati ni... tapi inda apa lah... pERrrNNNahhh???!! hehehe...

We'll resume our fishing outing tomorrow, same place, same time... until then.... this is it for now.... hehehe c ya peeps! maju fishing untuk Brunei!! hahaha...


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