Sunday, November 11, 2007


Assalamualaikum peps! here's our updates on our fishing trip at subok on Friday 09/11/2007.It has been a while since we went fishing there... it's a potential outing for barramudi and languran..and we were hoping to catch one... hehehe... Me,gfadz,gwan and tok kerisi were the HUNTERS on that day... Our first catch was a grouper caught by gfadz and i too caught a grouper... oh yes i too caught a ketambak and a crab but i dun wanna mention the size as it was REALLY REALLY HUGE......catch and release kali ah... Well i guess the trip was rather disappointing as we only caught 3 groupers,1 ketambak and 1 crab. We did continued our fishing outing at serasa that afternoon, me and gfadz, but then we did not caught anything there... looking forward too our next fishing outing... ah yes, we did try out the HUMMINGBIRD SMARTCAST RF35E FISHFINDER that day, well i'll review it on my next post lah.. so peps, dun miss it out! hehehe.. adios amigos!


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