Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ASSALAMULAIKUM peeps!... it's been a while since we caught "ongah". Yesterday we went out to the ongah garden despite warnings from the Brunei Meteorological Services warned of strong winds and rough seas in Brunei until 30th Novemnber,brought on by tropical storm Hagibis.

We went out early in the morning at 7. Currently, the "Kembura" baits are hard and if there is being sold, the price hikes to $4 per kilo. The entry to the ongah garden was flooded but with determination we went to look for other alternative routes. luckily for us, there was an alternative routes leading to the "ongah garden".

With only 1kg of kembura baits, we had to be extra careful not to waste any of our baits... I guess it was gfadz lucky day coz his bait was taken a hit... a 2.0kg mangrove jack! *darn* he still tops the ranks. hehehe...

For me, my baits hadn't had any bites.. instead it was Hj Metali's line had a bite, but he wasn't around at that time... again it was a 1.9kg Mangrove jack!! *double darn*.. why them and not mine?? hehehe.. nada apalah ambil pahala saja... hehehe.. we finished off the trip early as we are running out of baits.... so to gfads, congratz and u will not be so lucky next time... hehehe....

p/s: PerrrNahhhh??? .... terima kasih lai..... hehehe.. siapa tu nah?


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